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We are a research driven institution, which believes in quality, transparency and making information accessible. 



A thorough and in depth analysis of crypto assets with a focus on fundamentals.


A brief overview of crypto assets with an aim of providing useful information in a succint manner.


A thorough overview of the industry, to provide readers with a well thought outlook for their investments.

Bespoke Crypto Research and Analysis, with an Innovative Approach

Long Form

Our Research Desk covers various aspects of the crypto and blockchain space. Our offerings include crypto token research, market updates, industry overviews and ad hoc research. currency

We publish more than ten reports per month. In our crypto research reports and crypto analysis, we aim to cover not only the foundational aspect of the subject under consideration, but we also cast a light on more obscure and advanced aspects. Our aim is to increase the availability of information within the ecosystem and to enable each investor to grow their wealth, by making use of our insights. Our team consists of experts professional who have spent a vast majority of their career in this domain and understand the market thoroughly.


Our team utilises tools like machine learning, econometrics, technical and fundamental analysis to deliver their insights and observations

Whether you're a crypto enthusiast or an experienced investor - our crypto research and analysis will provide you with a significant return on your investment. Our research products are versatile and dynamic and our coverage is extensive.

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Dynamic and modern

Our Research Desk is a dynamic, transparent, thorough and useful resource for investors.

Types of Reports : Admantium Finance

The Research Desk at Admantium covers various aspects of the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We adopt a macro and micro approach to conduct our research and evaluate the digital assets and their ecosystem extensively. Our research desk is data-driven and thrives by making effective utilization and interpretation of information. We offer more than ten reports per month and these reports not only cover the fundamental aspects of the project under consideration, but also advanced concepts like predictive and sentiment analysis.  


Our team is well equipped with industry knowledge and updates to provide better crypto advice to our clients. We believe in quality, transparency and making information accessible to all the investors who believe in us. Our aim is to provide the information and insights to all members within the ecosystem and help them increase their wealth, by using the information provided by the research desk. 


We offer reports by performing primary and secondary research; also deep dive analysis on various tokens which include machine learning, econometrics, technical and fundamental analysis. Our research covers the overall working and ranking of the project by our analysts.  

  • Long Form Report

It is an expanded form of report, in which we decrypt the white paper, perform social media analysis (which covers sentiments of users on social media); also do fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis. We predict value of the token for the next 100 days on the basis of past data. 

  • Short Form Report 

It is basically a short version of the long form report and includes only social media, technical and quantitative analysis. 

  • Private Sales Report

Here we evaluate the report on different parameters and give overall ranking based on 12 methodologies. It includes previous funding of the coin and further developments in it. In addition to this, we study the market segment of the token properly and perform the SWOT (Strengths Weakness Opportunity Threats) analysis to give a clear picture of the coin to investors. We also do research on the team and advisors behind the cryptocurrency and on investors who are backing it, to ensure quality of the project. 

  • Token Update Report

It covers latest updates of the platform, social media, technical and quantitative analysis of the crypto token.

  • Analyst Recommendation Report

In this type of report we evaluate based on 12 methodologies and offer recommendations according to the last 3 months data. It also covers risks associated with the coin, along with fundamental and technical analysis of the crypto coin 

About Admantium crypto Advisors

Admantium is a corporate consulting and advisory platform, helping firms with their blockchain-based strategy, business planning, and fundraising goals. We help blockchain companies develop their ideas, raise capital and build all the fundraise-related documents. We also provide other strategy services like help with business plan and connect with blockchain developers and marketing agencies for the project. We offer our expertise on all these documents like pitch deck, financial model, whitepaper, Launchpad, etc. 

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Our research desk is data driven and thrives by making effective utilisation and interpretation of information. 

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