Our Research Desk adopts a macro and a micro approach towards analysing the crypto market.


Starting from fundamentals, we cover the industry the asset belongs to and evaluate the inherent strength, risks and weaknesses in a comprehensive manner.


We evaluate the price of the crypto by performing technical analysis and provide our recommendation based on our observations.

Machine Learning

We make use of machine learning in order to create price forecasting models, which are robust, sound and transparent.

Objectives & Components

To conduct our research, we evaluate the digital asset and its ecosystem extensively. Our research desk is data driven and thrives by making effective utilisation and interpretation of information. 


Research Desk In the News


"What makes a successful investor stand apart from its counterparts, is access to a research desk with innovative analytical tools to make rational investment decisions."


"Investors who use Admantium's Research Desk have access to incredible blockchain-based projects on different chains at one spot. Everything that an investor needs is on the platform, meaning one does not have to look beyond the platform."


"The demand for Admantium Finance’s research desk services is high because of the number of new blockchain-based ecosystems and investors want to have access to properly analyzed data concerning them. They want to know which crypto projects to invest in and those to avoid."

Market Watch

"Admantium's Research Desk is data-driven, making it an awesome platform for investors that want to properly manage and diversify their portfolio. "

BTC Hunts

"Investors want to know how to decide what projects to invest in, out of the thousands of projects that grace the scene regularly. Admantium’s Research Desk does this by analyzing all the parameters surrounding a potentially successful crypto project and compares it with what is on the ground in that crypto project. "

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Admantium's Research Desk has contributed quite effectively towards the ecosystem and has gained recognition across the board.

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Blockchain is understandably a new domain for most investors and entrepreneurs. It can be quite intimidating to start one’s investment journey in this industry. Our Research Desk aims to provide you with an easy to understand, fundamentally sound and a useful resource – through which, you can get a head start towards achieving your investment goals. 

Long Form Report provides a comprehensive overview of a coin or a token which has either been recently introduced or is yet to gain recognition from the masses. 

Our advisory arm, Admantium Crypto Advisors provides advisory services across various aspects of the blockchain and crypto space. We have assisted many startups in achieving their goals.

Our subscribers are promised with timely delivery of reports and research, when they purchase their subscription. Both our Long Form and Short Form reports are published on a fortnightly basis. 

Short Form Report provides a brief overview of well recognised crypto assets. It provides the reader with an update on the performance of the crypto in the market.  

To conduct our research, we make use of tools like ratio analysis, on chain metrics, technical analysis, machine learning, econometrics and social media engagement of an asset. 

Many prominent financial institutions and investors have benefitted from reports. Our reports are meant for those, who are looking to get a deeper understanding of the market

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