What is an ICO cryptocurrency?

An ICO or an initial coin offering is a method of raising capital through public markets for a company and it could be thought of as something like an IPO (initial public offering). Even though they are very similar they have very distinctive features like, participants of an ICO are given blockchain-based coins or tokens instead of shares of a company. Most tokens do not represent a stake in the company, unlike shares. There are various kinds of ICOs like static supply-dynamic price, dynamic supply-static price and static supply and price.

Why is research important?

The first question that new investors ask themselves is, “Why should I invest?” The answer to this question is not as simple as the question itself. Asking questions like, does the coin offering represent any stake in the company, or what is the tokenomics of the coin, are important questions to answer apart from underlying questions about the company itself. Knowing the answers to questions like these can make it easier for investors to HODL without giving in to their emotions and throwing all caution (and profits) to the wind.

Most people do not have the time to do an in-depth analysis of all ICO cryptos that come into the market because it is a tedious task and every ICO crypto takes hours and hours to research. Even when you do that, it is possible that one misses the important minor details which could alter the final interpretation of that research, because of lack of knowledge about the industry.

This means that for the research to be useful, not only is it important that investors have the time but also the knowledge required to ask the right questions. Investors may not ask the right questions about the ICO and may make loss-incurring investments.

Why Admantium.research?
All the investors’ woes have been answered by our research desk Admantium.research. Our ICO crypto research desk conducts in-depth research about the hot upcoming ICO cryptocurrency offerings which allows investors to make sound decisions after a thorough study. Reading our reports takes a minuscule amount of time as compared to doing the research themselves but is just as effective.

Our research desk can answer all the questions that an investor may have about any ICO crypto and even those that he/she may not have thought of. All the research is presented in a concise and easy to read method which improves an investor’s understanding, while decreasing the time required to read it.